The Hidden Fox is a blog dedicated to those with big brains, an insatiable curiosity, vivid imaginations and a dash of anxiety, depression and adhd. I created this blog because I was tired of the naive and baseless “self-help” I was seeing around the internet. I became cynical of all the advice out there because some of it was vague, lacked scientific background or advocated that we swallow our issues or learn to get rid of them. I advocate for honest straight forward self-help backed by science that will help make you a little smarter everyday. “The true measure of intelligence is the ability to change”

My motto in life is that educating yourself helps you and it helps others. Recent events have brought to light just how much ignorance is tolerated in the world, and the effects are disastrous. The Hidden Fox is your safe haven of intelligent and thought provoking images, quotes and articles. If you would like to exercise your imagination, feel free to visit the Imagination page and let the images inspire you!