6 Tell-Tale Signs That You’re Highly Intelligent


We are obsessed with being unique and highly intelligent. Some people go crazy over their IQ scores and test scores claiming those are a testament to their incredible intellect. Frankly, science doesn’t actually back up any of these claims. In a nut shell, studies have shown that intelligence is a hard quality to measure. It’s simply too multifaceted. Psychologists Howard Garner claims that there are approximately 8 intelligences, some examples being musical, verbal and logical. Fact of the matter is, we don’t understand much about intelligence at all. However, what we do know is that there are few experiences and behaviors that highly intelligent people experience more often. If you’ve felt a little different from others and you’re unsure if you’re highly intelligent, hopefully this list will be a step closer to providing you with some answers.

Your Mind is Always on Maximum Overdrive

Okay, so that was a bit of an over exaggeration, but you get the picture. Day in and day out your mind is rolling! It comes up with crazy ideas for stuff, thinks of funny jokes, over analyzes conversations, comes up with weird scenarios, asks questions about stuff it’s curious about, overthinks up-coming events, becomes anxious about random stuff- it never really stops. However, you don’t always mind it. If you find that you think a lot, and find that you STILL love being alone with your thoughts, you’re probably among the more highly intelligent. Let me give you an example, my mind races 24/7 but I prefer to be alone so I can encourage these thoughts. Not the bad ones of course, but the interesting ones. I’ll let my mind wander and think about weird stuff, because I find it interesting. In fact, I like to feed it with new information, knowledge and content so I think even MORE interesting thoughts.

You Want To Find People to Have Deep Conversations With, But Often Can’t

You crave deeper conversations and deep connections with people. You desperately want to share your intricately bizarre thoughts with someone who will understand them. You want to talk about the more intellectually stimulating topics that the average person will want nothing to do with. However, you have a very hard time finding this person. Maybe it’s because you’re to anti-social, or maybe it’s because you don’t know where to look. Whatever the reason, you feel disconnected from other potentially intelligent people and it bothers you. As result, you probably feel very lonely.

You Are Critical of What You See and Hear

You don’t just blindly believe what you read, hear or see. You like to question it’s validity, do research on it, consider its flaws and think of potential ways to prove its inaccuracy. Its not that you don’t trust the person delivering the message, it’s that you don’t just believe anything. If you’re like me, you stumble upon a great deal of articles that boast “ways successful people think differently”, “tips to succeed from successful people”, or “habits of successful people”. It’s so monotonous and the tips are all the same. If you’re highly intelligent, you are skeptical of the practicality of this advice. You understand that everyone’s path to success is different and that broad advice about success may not apply to you. Success is also partly driven by luck, so you take that advice with a grain of salt.

You Constantly Seek Knowledge

You think about the things you don’t know and are always seeking to fill the gaps. You read articles, books, scientific studies, videos – anything that enriches your life by contributing to your library of knowledge. You’re not opposed to admitting when you’re wrong or don’t know something. Saying “I don’t know” is not a testament to something you lack, but more of an opportunity to add to your knowledge.

You’re Open Minded

Your curiosity often leads you down deep rabbit holes of sometimes bizarre information, however you like to stay open minded to new information, experiences and people. You don’t dismiss different ways of viewing things without understanding it as best you can and doing your research. You consider alternative views and weigh their merits.

You’re Probably Very Introverted

Studies have shown that there is a correlation between high intelligence and introversion, however, notice I said probably. Not all highly intelligent people are introverted. You can very well be extremely outgoing and be intelligent. Studies have just noted that more intelligent people happen to be introverted. That still does not necessarily mean that extroverted people are naturally less intelligent.

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