Review: Tony Moly Brightening Eye Base

So I have seen sooo many mixed reviews about this product. While scrolling through the reviews on Amazon, I thought to myself “is it actually any good?!” Well, despite my better judgement, I ditched my apprehension and bought myself one at Ulta. So here’s my initial thoughts about the product: it does what it’s supposed to. I will elaborate what that means in the paragraphs below.

About My Skin: I have very dry skin. I have large pores on my nose and flaky skin especially on my cheeks, and forehead.

Product Description: I have decided not to include the product description here because I think it has caused a bit of confusion. This product DOES NOT lighten the under eye area over time. It is an eye base, which is different from an eye lightener.

How to Use: Before applying makeup, apply under eyes or on eye lids for an instant brightened, awake look.

Review: So let me explain what this product does. This product does not lighten your skin over time. It is a brightening base for eye makeup and to lighten your dark circles. You apply this before putting on makeup. A bunch of people seem to think that this product is supposed to lighten their dark circles over time. Let me be the first to say, No. It does not do that. So now you know what it does, lets move onto the review. So the product glides on really nicely and doesn’t really smell like anything. The texture is really smooth, kind of like a highlighter stick and it is bright white. When I applied it under my eyes, it flaked a little bit because I guess I didn’t apply enough moisture to my skin before using it. Once I remedied this issue, it glided on smoothly and blended out really nicely. I have pretty bad bags and it made them mostly disappear, even without foundation on! When I applied it to my eyelids, it helped my eye shadow glow brighter and last longer. This is a big deal because I have  hanging eyelids and for some reason oily eyelids as well. Meaning eye shadow DOES NOT last very long on my eyelids at all. However, this product extends its life a little bit. So, knowing that this does not brighten dark circles, this product works very well! Even on my dry skin. It glides on smoothly, lasts a long time, and makes me look awake (and not zombie-like). I don’t really have anything negative to say about it. 🙂

Tip: Moisturize skin well before using because sometimes it flakes a little bit.

Rating: 10/10
Safe for Sensitive Skin: Yes
Safe for Dry Skin: Yes

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