How and Where to Buy Affordable Timeless Clothes

If you’re like me, you can’t afford to just walk out the door, drive to the mall and commit to dropping $200 worth of clothes. Because let’s just admit it, timeless fashion costs serious dough now a days. Worst of all, timeless pieces can be hard to find among all the trending rubbish on the shelves. No, what you are looking for are timeless pieces that are high quality enough to last you a while, which means Forever 21 is out (sort of). In this post, I’m gonna show you how and where to shop for affordable clothes that are pretty, timeless and will last you a long time. When I go out, there are two things people say to me a lot. One is that I am always so well put together and two, they ask how I can afford it. Plainly put, I can’t. Not at full price, that is. I find deals, and sites where I can get what I need really cheap.

Know What You Need

A classic wardrobe is a simple wardrobe. You really only need wardrobe essentials. So make a list of the things you need before you start shopping. Sometimes I make a  “need” list and a “want” list to keep me on track. No need to spend money on frivolous things, you’re trying save money remember?

Where To Shop 

After you’ve decided what you need. It’s time to start shopping! For me, looking for what I need is a kind of a lengthy process. I like shopping! I kind of make it a game of where I can find the best deal. The key is to make buying clothes full price a last resort. So here’s my cheat sheet:
1. Thrift Store
2. Shopping apps
3. Online Shopping 
4. Wait for Sales at Outlets 
5. Full Price at the Mall 
Start by going to a high-end consignment shop. Not the kind of place that inspired Macklemore’s song. A place where you know there are major brands for affordable prices.  If you knock off a few things on your list there, then yay!! If you can’t find everything you need there, then it’s time to check out a few apps.
I have had an app called Vinted for the last couple of years! It’s literally an online consignment, but often the clothes are brand spankin’ new! Half of my wardrobe has come from this app! I’ve even sold things on it! The sellers are kind, fast and you can always find high-end clothes at really low prices. There’s no bidding, but you can talk to the seller, offer a lower price, and negotiate. I’ve done it several times. Sellers typically are very reasonable. In a later post, I will share with you the looks that I created with the clothes I bought from Vinted. Here is a list of the brands you should look for: 
1. Ralph Lauren
2. Tommy Hilfiger
3. Bass 
4. Loft 
5. Ann Taylor 
6. J.Crew 
7. Top Shop 
8. Vince Camuto (just got a trench coat for 30 bucks!)
9. Burberry 
10. Jack Wills 
11. Zara 
12. New Look 
If I still can’t find what I’m looking for, I’ll try to find deals online. To shop online, you must know your size very well. Check the measurements and the reviews for reference to see how the item fits. The websites I frequent J.Crew Factory, Banana Republic Factory,  ModCloth, and Top Shop
 If you STILL can’t find what you’re looking for. It’s time to hit the mall! When you get there, focus on stores that you know will carry the timeless clothing that you’re looking for! Make sure to avoid trendy stores and clothes made cheaply, unless you are getting tank tops, or accessories (NOT SHOES), such as hats, socks, necklaces, scarves, leggings, and sunglasses. Here is an official list of the stores I shop at:
1. J.Crew
2. Banana Republic 
3. Gap 
4. Forever 21 (Only for accessories) 
5. Ann Taylor 
6. Loft
7. Uniqlo 
 Notice that the brands are little lower end than the ones you were looking for in apps and online. The reason for this is because you are FAR less likely to find a good deal on clothing if you walk into the store. You find awesome deals in consignment shops, online and in apps. Especially so in the Vinted app because they know they need to sell they’re items, so the either start with low prices or they slowly lower them over time. Either way works for you!

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