Review: Tony Moly I’m Real Rice Smooth Toner

Hey guys!! Sorry for the late posting! I was visiting my family in Virginia for a while. To get some more sunshine and some beach! The moist air is so much better for my dry skin than it is up here in MA, but I couldn’t stay there forever. So I decided to go to Ulta to stock up for the dry, cold Boston air. I was met with a very sweet surprise- that’s right-Korean skincare brands! Turns out Ulta stocks Tony Moly products! My sister just rolled her eyes, because I was like a kid in a candy store. I picked out three products and I am going to review all three products starting with Tony Moly’s I’m Real Rice Smooth Toner. It’s been exactly two weeks since I begin using this product so my review will be accurate depiction of the product’s efficacy.

About My Skin: I have very dry skin. I have large pores on my nose and dry skin especially on my cheeks, and forehead.

Product Description:  This light and moisturizing toner refreshes and cleans skin for healthier more moisturized skin. It also contains rice, which is excellent for dry skin and moisture.

How to Use: Apply product to palm of hand, then pat it onto skin until somewhat dry.


Review: So my first impression of this product was apprehensive. Having super dry skin and the word toner triggers me a little. I had a terrible experience with a “mild” toner in high school. Long story short, I walked around all week with a red, burning, itchy, flaky face. I shudder at the thought. Anyway, I am proud to say that this product is NOTHING like that one. This toner (which is ACTUALLY mild) is so moisturizing and cleansing. The texture is very watery and clear. It applied nicely and didn’t really have a smell. Not that I noticed at least. The first few applications were not very effective. I always wait at least two weeks before judging how effective a product is. After two weeks, I can say that it has not my face itchy, burning, red or flaky. In fact, it is minimizing my pores, and cleaning my skin so that my pores aren’t so big. However, I had to learn that it won’t keep my pores down all the time. I have to use it everyday religiously in order to keep my pores down. That makes sense given that pores never stay down anyway. If you have large pores, they will go back to their natural state after at least 24 hours, or when the product wears off. However, it worked well during the time I use it. Its light and very moisturizing. It doesn’t dry out my skin at all or cause any issues to my sensitive skin. I give this product the green light!

Note: This product doesn’t work immediately, so give it some time to begin working and penetrating your skin. Your skin also needs time to adjust to it. Some makeup guru’s claim it takes your skin about two weeks to acclimate to a new product. During that time you may experience some breakouts and burning. That’s normal. If it’s really severe stop using the product, but minor burning and breakouts are to be expected. If you break out longer than two weeks then stop using the product and call your doctor (according to every infomercial ever). During the first week, it burned my cheeks once or twice, however, it has never burned me since. So give it at least two weeks before making the judgment call.

Rating: 10/10
Safe for Sensitive Skin: Yes
Safe for Dry Skin: Yes

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