Korean Makeup Trends for Beginners

Alot of people asked me why I studied East Asian Studies in college. My answer is and always will be that I have been fascinated with East Asian culture long before my teenage obsession with Hannah Montana. Frankly, its a culture that is both foreign and familiar to me. Especially Korean culture, I often find myself feeling very comfortable with Korean cultural trends and practices. With that said, it is plain to see why I grew so fond of Korean makeup. I naturally have a baby looking face, and have always hated it. In western culture, the one that looks like a mature woman is the one who carries the most fame. Sure a couple baby faces can make their way in, but the ideal is the ideal. Girls who look mature and filled out, are favored in the west. However, Korean makeup has given me the chance to love myself the way that I am, and because of that I embrace K-Beauty whole heartedly. With that in mind, I’m going to share some K-Beauty trends that you have GOT to incorporate into your makeup routine.

1. Puppy Eyeliner 


Puppy liner (yeah, you heard that right) is supposed look like a childish pout. Its a very simple and subtle addition to the K-Beauty routine that makes your eyes appear larger and youthful. To achieve this look use your liquid liner to make a very thin line right above the water line, then flick downwards instead of the upwards. It takes some getting used to, but give it a couple tries and you’ll be glad you did.

2. Gradient Lips 

Gradient lips are essential to mastering the K-beauty look! Gradient lips are intended to mimic the look of naturally plump and juicy lips. Gradient lips are a must. Its a very simple technique that guarantees a sweet and delicate appearance. To achieve this look simply apply concealer over both lips. If you tend to have dry lips, put on lip balm before applying concealer. Then apply stain or lipstick to the center/inner lips. Blend outward and voila!

3. Orange Blush 

Orange blush is a stable of the Korean beauty look. It adds a pop of color to a very simple look. To achieve this look simply dab a little bit on your cheeks until you have created a “circle” of color on your cheeks.

4. Less Contour, More Highlight

Korean makeup is supposed to be bright and youthful. So make sure to keep your contouring to a minimum. To achieve a Korean contour, simply contour around the nose, under the cheekbones and around the bottom of the face to create the illusion of a rounded off face. Everywhere else is highlighted! So pull your illuminator out and get to it!

5. Aegyo Sal 

 Aegyo sal means cute eyes. Aegyo is a big deal in Korea! Girls aspire to encompass everything aegyo in their look and guys love to see girls with a child-like, innocent appearance. Picture it, every time you smile your under eyelids swell to show how happy you are. Isn’t it adorable! To achieve the aegyo sal look, say cheese! Apply white liner to the area on your lower lid that swells. Blend. Apply brown liner directly beneath that to create a shadow. Blend. Voila!

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