Korean Skincare Product Review: Etude House Moistfull Collagen Deep Cream Moisturizer

As fall approaches and we ready ourselves for the chillier weather, I wanted to share a review for a very hydrating moisturizer that is intended to rid you of your flaky skin blues.

Product Description: This deep moisturizing cream, enriched with collagen, penetrates deep into pores to provide long lasting moisture.

How To Use: (Note:This product is the last step of your skincare routine) Use the provided applicator stick to apply pea sized amounts to forehead, chin, and cheeks. Rub in cream thoroughly.

Review: Initially, I was pretty apprehensive to use Korean products because my skin is both sensitive and dry (I know, how lucky am I). However, I was advised that Etude House products would be a safe bet due to its moisturizing contents. So I purchased the new and updated formula of Moistfull Collagen Cream, the Deep Cream Moisturizer that came out last year. After it arrived, I immediately noticed that there was an applicator stick so you don’t contaminate the cream by putting your fingers into the cream. So hygienic! The first week, I didn’t see much improvement. Still had flakes here and there and my skin still looked patchy. After applying the cream for about two weeks, I’ve noticed some decent improvements! My skin looks hydrated and supple. Since using the cream, I have seen no flakes, no patches, and minimized pores. My skin looks very youthful and glowing!

The cream is not terribly thick, but very creamy. It glides on like silk provides long lasting moisture that is some how also pretty light. I feel as though being lighter is a good thing, since being too heavy could cause clogged pores or white heads. Even on dry skin. I have also noticed that my makeup glides on much more smoothly. No flakes after applying foundation or concealer (the biggest threat) or even highlighter!

Note: This product does not work with only one application. I have observed that a lot of girls think a single product will work miracles for them. They set their expectations astronomically high and are disappointed when they realize that one product alone will not suffice. Korean skincare is meant to be layered. So don’t expect one item to be your skins savior. With this in mind, assign at least one product in your routine for dealing with your troubled areas. For example, in addition to dry skin I also have huge pores on my nose. To deal with this, I use Fresh Apple Pore Emulsion to moisturize and close my pores. This moisturizer is only for providing deep hydration and reducing other issues associated with super dry skin.

Rating: 9/10 

I only deducted one point because it takes a couple weeks for the cream to really take affect. So be patient with it!

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