The Korean 10 Step Skincare Method


Hey all! Those of you who are into K-Pop or watch K-Dramas, myself included, are definitely familiar with the Korean Skincare Method. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, let me enlighten you. The Korean Skincare Method is a ten step (give or take a few steps depending on what your skin needs) process that almost guarantees glowing, healthy, clear skin. Finally, a skincare method that can rid me of my dry, flaky, skin!! When I heard about this method, I immediately took to the internet to do my research. Does it really give you healthy, dewy skin? Is it okay for my sensitive skin? Will it get rid of my flaky skin? After thorough research my conclusions were yes, yes, and yes. Despite the unbelievably long routine (10 steps and counting!!), this method is well worth the effort. Korean women take pride in their skincare routine, so they take their time, relax and enjoy their ‘me-time’. As a strong believer in ‘me-time’ I am absolutely thrilled with this method. I’m also tired of my dull, dry skin.  Here is the suggested 10 step process. However, keep in mind that you may need either fewer or more steps depending on what your skin needs. So far I have only 5 steps, because I’m new. So keep an open mind. I recently did a makeup haul so I’ll do reviews of the products I bought.

Soko Glam's Korean 10 step skin care routine!:

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